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The controls feels so great, and the way the game makes you to utilize almost everything to traverse the levels and advance further is an excellent addition.

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  This game is a lot of fun I just can't stop grinding it

There's a speedrun leaderboard here if anyone is interested :)

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Honestly such a great game and I'm sure there's a lot of gameplay but I think I played it wrong 


This was fun! Would love to see a full game!

This is a Super fun game with great bosses!


Super fun, loved every second of it

This game is really awesome!! I luv the art and its super cool how its one big map instead of levels! Plus I love that it shows your time at the end!

This is a really great game with amazing game design. Please make more games guys.

I love it. its the perfect length and it doesn't over stay its welcome.

It reminds me of the NES mega man games

but the physics feel more like SNES games (which is a good thing).

nice game:)

I liked it. Good job!

the pixel art is really good, and i love the gameplay! nice job

Awesome game!

I love it so much, huge fan of the pixel art! The animations are really smooth and satisfying to look at.

Super duper game! :D

nice man really good game man!


Great game! Correct me if I'm wrong but I can see a loooot of inspiration from Super Mario Bros lol


oh yeah, absolutely it’s almost blatantly obvious, and thank you, glad you enjoyed :D

i love it! just a little metroidvania!

Very nice a short and fun experience, good progression, simple and responsive controls, a great surprise


What a lovely game! Great 10 Minutes of gameplay. I hope you will expand this little masterpiece :D

Ahhhh! it ended too soon, I was having so much fun! Are you guys planing to make more stages for it?

The first game i have played in! This game adorable!

super duper game rly well thought out

wait i'm confused--

this is a great game! i love the pixel art and im sure theres an hour long gameplay but i haven't play the entire thing. amazing work!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bro :>, this game is incredible


i love this game

Này tôi có được 5 trái tim

i love this, this i wish there was a full version

its a really good game

I loved this game, it´s really fun and has a easy learning curve. I wish you could someday expand on it. Hope you keep making great games

Very cool game!

i love it and i want more

I love how simple and cute the game is. The borgar is really superb 10/10!

wow so cool , would love to see a long game with the same assets and gameplay physics

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