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Cool concept, but the floor is way too big. It's easy to miss 1 enemy and loose all your time because you went the wrong way. If the floor was more of the size of the screen it would be way more fair.

Especially when the enemy gets stuck somewhere and runs away from you for some reason.

Loved it. This a unique little game, and I had a good time playing it.

Awesome concept! And very well made for a LDJam game!

Super fun!

Super fun rogue like, had an absolutely great time playing. I only played on easy and found the difficulty to be ok, felt i didnt need more stress in my life trying the other difficulties lol. Would love to see more like this! 


Really cool game. Agreed with other comments about the difficulty and the visibility. 

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Awesome game, great gameplay and art!!

The first time I tried the game, however, in the browser version, I wasn't able to move the character... And there doesn't seem to be an explanation of the controls, so I was super confused. When I tried playing the browser version again later, the movement seemed to work fine, and I'm not sure what's going on there...

Also, the game does seem to be a bit difficult, and I only played on "Easy" mode...

Also, I wish the camera always showed at least a little bit of stuff around / behind the player, regardless of where the cursor is pointing.

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Nice dynamics, really fun to play!

Fun game! I played it for quite a bit and I loved it. Though, I did feel that the game was only enjoyable on Easy. You simply die too quickly on the other difficulties. Would be nice if players got back some hearts at the end of each floor.

Very great and addicting game!


I am in LOVE with this game!!! The art is so amazing and the sound is so fun. I laugh so hard every time my guy says "Heehaw!" The heart mechanics are really interesting and even though it's hard I kept playing to get better. AMAZING work!


Looks fun and I want to play more...

Bug report: if you die and you're on the screen with the 'Play again' button, it's still possible for the Upgrades scene to show (with no upgrades on it). When you click 'Skip upgrades', you're back in the game with 0 hearts and you can't die. Your hearts go up, they go down, even to 0 again but you can carry on. I recorded a video if you're interested.

Hi I think I fixed the issue. If it persists, let me know

Thanks. That was fast. I'll give it a play. :-)

I've had a couple of other issues. 1: the camera pans too slowly, so that I can be almost off the screen before it'll show where I'm going. 2. I got stuck on a piece of rock. I had gone down to the bottom of the screen and the camera wasn't panning any further. Then it did pan as enemies came in, but the controls wouldn't let me move anywhere. Needs a bit more debugging!

However I love the music and the way the western theme has been carried through to the cursor and the HUD screens.

Your cursor let's you see the rest of the screen :) we're still fixing a lot of the bugs and balancing gameplay to make everything run smoothly :D