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Came back to look at it again! Still fun! Now you're the 5th best Dice game on itch! Congrats!!

Juegazo totalmente recomendado

This is a cute little game. Would love to see it fleshed out just a tad more but I can see how that'd be hard.
Maybe some enemies have pop up ads to block your buttons or something?

Also the ending message was surprisingly true about the deep web. First game I seen that didn't make it out to be worse than it is.

very fun game :0

nice game 


Super duper fun

had a blast - reminds me of the video games my grandpa had on his computer growing up :)


Turns out its just a bunch of pages.

Or is it?

Very fun - Something I'd like to be seen turned into something like a roguelike!

Very cool idle clicker... love the aesthetics and theme. Well done! 

I made a video on your game (5:49)


This was fun!

this is addicting

Such a fun game! Would be great expanded maybe? Or at least an option to have a larger map


This was a pleasant experience. A hard mode would be nice though...


I definitely enjoyed this game. Another one please

add a hard mode




Great game but I found a glitch that after you die if you click space to unpause you can continue after death

This one was cool! I agree with the other comments because it is kinda too easy to not die. (maybe add a difficulty setting if you make a bigger version of this). I don't really consider it a flaw because it does not take away anything from the fun concept. So overall, gg dev! :)


loved the concept and the gameplay (i felt it so much random sometimes - it's not a joke but could be)

and the win98 aesthetic is 98/10


pretty fun mechanics, but too easy

there's not depth I'd say is the issue.


nooo, so close

(1 edit) (+3)

Too easy and short but really cool


Congrats on being the 8th Highest Rated Dice Game on Itch! This was nice and short and fun! Cool enemies!

Wish the Mapsweeper had some more Minesweeper-y aspects to it, but glad I beat it on my first try. Never saw more than 1 Speed / Crit rate booster reward. Also never got Heal Dice. Went all 2 Shield, 1 Stun and 1 Double!

v nice


Love it! I would totally play a much longer version. Congratulations, Dev!

I loved the challenge, and the references made me smile. Thank you.


super cool but I wish there was check points


I don't get it, but it was cool to watch happen to me



This was pretty fun and a nice use of the dice gimmick!
Also, I pretty much love how equilibrated it is.


This was so much fun! I'd love a longer version.

Love the concept I just wish the game had a few checkpoints sprinkled here and there

Oh and maybe make more encounters than just upgrading and random, not to criticize but for all of u who have beaten the game 5+ times, I'm pretty sure we're all tired of the same three "random" encounters, nothing wrong with the upgrade but you only encounter like two even one of the randoms gives an upgrade offer when that's what the upgrades are for, anyway I love your game just putting a thought in here.  :)

Just a thought for the full version, maybe add more characters that start with specific dice and abilities. Pretty cool game either way!


What a great game! Like everyone else in the comments, I'd love to play a longer version, thanks for making this!

I agree with Georgio in the fact that I'd love a longer version of the game. Maybe in that version, you could have the option instead of healing or upgrading, you could upgrade your DICE. Just a thought. anyways love your game keep it up!  

lamo beat this game twice in a row because I had nothing else to do. XD

ps make dis longer ill even PAY for it.

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