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Interesting platformer mechanic

i finished it, and i was like "wait, thats it?"
great game though!

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i just finished the game and i love it,the mechanics of the game are incredible and the puzzles are hard,sorry for my poor english cuz i'm from brazil


i just finish the game after 15 minutes of playing and I WANT MORE🤩


my head hurts now and i blame you for it


Cool game really liked it :D
Can you tell me how to solve last level, I tried many times but couldn't figure out


here’s a link to a full playthrough of the game:


yo this was fricken great! nice job! i really enjoyed the puzzles and the game flowed really well once I knew my jump distance. 

also the key bait was wonderful.

the music and overall look really put me into a chill/puzzle solving mood so props to that. 


thank you!! means a lot!