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It is a great little game. I had some trouble remembering what arrow keys was what dragon from time to time but still had no problem solving the puzzle and beating the boss. I enjoyed playing it and was a little sad it didn't have more levels but understand the limitations of a jam.

Hey thanks Trop! Appreciate the kind words. Yes - the jam limitation didn't allow me to expand the game beyond just the few rooms and it also took me an absurd amount of time to create all the sprites for the dragons as I'm not a very proficient pixel artist.

Took me a long time to realize that the controls were both WASD and the arrow keys. At first I thought you just had carry the other dragon around, so I was just using WASD, which obviously didn't work with the fire room. 

Cute game, boss fight was made pretty trivial if you just sat near the bottom of the screen and kept firing at the mirrors.

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Hey Thoof! Always appreciate your very insightful feedback. Thanks for always giving my games a try.

I realize now I should have separated out the controls list in the description to make it more obvious that each dragon has its own set of controls.

Yeah I agree with you - the game in general is a bit too easy. I'm still learning how to make different types of games, so I feel like my next combat or puzzle game will have a bit more depth to it. Stay tuned!