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I like the stardew valley esque system. Managed to play all the way through!

I agree that the music is extremely repetitive and could at least use a mute button somewhere.

If you go to the bottom of the screen, your character can sit on top of the inventory UI (But below the actual items in the inventory).

The interactions are generally a bit rough around the edges. Planting seeds while you run has some strange collision interactions (Do the seeds have a box collider initially?). I was also able to plant multiple seeds in the same plot. Interacting with the fuel barrel when you're holding food frequently prompts you to eat the food rather than putting it in the barrel.

The sanity meter didn't seem to go down quickly enough to matter. The water ran out just before I won.


Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! I didn't have the time to polish the game so I just submitted it once it was minimally playable but I appreciate you pointing out areas I can go back and re-polish the game.

My biggest concern was that people wouldn't understand how to progress in the game; not know how to advance to the next day, not know which seed pertains to which plant, not know to use food on the tank to generate fuel. To my surprise, a lot of people actually played the game to completion! This was probably the thing that caught me off guard the most.

The universe and idea is good. The music is horrible.