A text adventure about Castle Game Jam. It's pretty easy and lighthearted.

  • Made in 5 days
  • There's no audio
  • There are 11 endings
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorJon Topielski
TagsText based


CGJTA_Windows.zip 15 MB


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This game sure is different from the others you made! (In a good way :>) I love the different emotions(?) throughout the game! :) [Would you mind telling me how many total endings there are in this game? I'm tryna get them all!)

There are 11 endings! Perhaps too many.. haha

This was pretty cool. I got the tryhard ending!


fun little game!

really loved this one! Role played as myself and got try-hard then had a mini existential crisis 

Just a minor one: I'm playing on mobile in the browser and the dice keeps on spinning as I can't "click" it. Would have loved to see the story unfold. Best, Matt

Just added support for this on mobile - just tap on the dice. Thanks for letting me know!


Happy to help, works as expected now! 

Hello Jon, fancy seeing you here 

Why hello there stranger

omigosh this is really cute. I role played as myself and didn't get a game done but had fun LOL. this might be why i don't have many games finished...


You're just having way too much fun, how dare you?!