Play a dancing space cat in this pixel rhythm RPG!


  • WASD / Arrow keys to move.
  • Enter / Space / Z to interact.
  • Shift / X to run.

Game pad supported in download builds.

By Jon Topielski (Programming), Thoof (Art), Mafgar (Music/SFX), and Hobbess (Guest Composer).

Made for Secret Santa Jam 2020 for Prifurin!

100% playthrough by Curious Arcade.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
AuthorsJon Topielski, Thoof, mafgar
GenreRole Playing, Rhythm
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Download 51 MB
CatsOnMarsMac.dmg 57 MB
Download 53 MB


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loved it!

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This game can be expanded much more! Potential is Huuuge! I can imagine a point system with days where cat must go to gym to get muscles (to dance less clamsy maybe), to make friends that may buy better shoes for advanced dances, to get better clothes that are sweat-takers etc. Mini gmae can also be expanded eg. to press arrows in right direction like in dance competition, to run away from a dog or to catch a mouse. Also, the cat may must work to get money to get to different competions in alien planets! It is very sad that no some competition existed in terms of percentage success that you must overpass. It was very short :( One of the best dancing games!


after at least 10 tries i finally beat it! great game


the end is too hard but the rest is realy good



I love theme, graphics and nice converstations. Maybe for me It's so fast displaying texts and I lost in my first dance. It's a little complicate looking all screen with small arrows.. But I love it it very original!! Congratulations!! Remember me as Pony Island and Pokemon :)


I *can't* follow all the arrows and the last performance is killing me


my autism hurts 0-0

haha i had a feeeling that'd be an uboa reference. really charming  game!


Damn these sassy cats be hurting my feelings XD


I love all the NPCs haha and the wacky dance meowves 



The whole game is catwesome!!!

you could've said pawsome lmao


I used meown words.


This is really good, great job!

The arrows are a bit hard to parse, but it would probably be fine in a longer game.

this game is amazing! the music, the graphics, the gameplay, everything!


Best game on the jam!!! Loved every detail about the game 

well said!


Not like DDR, but still a good concept. As someone who plays rhythm games a lot, this is very good, although I can't read anything with lots of notes


Great game! The battles are awesome! 


I won't be able to complete. My keyboard is an ass!


This game is super good! But I am disappointed that the song Cats On Mars wasnt featured anywhere. especially since this is a rythm based RPG. but really REALLY good game. If you dont know the song im talking about i can give you the link


They sure are generous to still let me compete when I lose 20 times already lololol

But seriously, really nice, enjoyable, short game. Love the new spin with the DDR gameplay and the musics. 

But...... (spoilers?)

Whose bed is this...?

Would love to know if it's just a fun extra, or actual secret lore! 

Right??? I kept seaching If there was more to the Haha game before I could keep going with the actual game 

(1 edit)

Haha so did I! Hopefully the creator can verify if there's more than meets the eye!

Did you toggle the lamp several times?

I did and saw the creature say something along the lines of "GET OUT/THIS ISN'T YOUR ROOM"! Was that just an easter egg or is there something deeper? :O


I love this game! The designs of the environment and the characters are so cute, and I love the funny yet cynical dialogue and the amount of interactions there are with the environment. You've created a really cool universe and all of the tiny details about slave labor and catipalism are really interesting. One issue I noticed was that it simply did not register if more than 2 keys were being pressed at once, an issue I solved by pressing them very quickly in succession (perhaps this was intentional). Otherwise, no other problems, really cute game! :)

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This is a great little game. The world is fun to explore. There’s lots to interact with in the short playtime. Text is funny and playful. The pixel art is full of charm. And the rhythm-based gameplay is super addictive. This musical adventure is much like its soundtrack – fresh, smooth, and frisky.

P.S. Here’s a 100% playthrough on YouTube. A breakdown of each dance can be found in the comments/description. Useful for when you reach the dance competition ;-)


Super fun, I love the game references, social commentary, and general felinity :) People who like DDR or that one level from Undertale will enjoy this :) Well polished and fun game!



This is the game of the year for me, honestly!
It was my gift and oh boy I'm the happiest XD

Incredibly smooth, full of wit and funny references, challenging yet forgiving...

In particular I enjoy the setting of space colony cat society, every character brings in a new and unique flavour which only adds to relaxing atmosphere with these eye-candy and hear-candy visuals and audio.

Gameplay tracks as they are, kind of bizarre fusion style, despite beat being clear and simple, are so much of fun to play through, with incredibly rewarding score system and funky moves in style of Mania games.

Animation quality is top notch and art shines in the little details there.

What can I else say as only that this is a wonderful experience which I didn't ever see as cool in my dreams as it is in the reality!

Awesome 10/10


da best game on dat jam


Cat mania in space, with a lot of interactions. What else to want. If you were my Santa, I would be really satisfied. Probably best game of the jam.