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I had some ideas from this game


I found some creative ideas in this,love it!

Very impressive game!


This game is really amazing ! It's fun to play and it's always adding new gamplay mecanics

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I'd love to see a full version of this. Love the art and level design!


This was a super fun platformer with beautiful graphics. Reminds me of a GBA game. Keep up the great work! 

This game is really entertaining,BUT the game ended before even started (please add a few more levels)

5 stars guys,good job


dpad movement is very finicky yet joystick works fine help

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(i'm using a ps4 controller and the downloaded version of the game)


This was wonderful, I love how much more challenging hardcore makes it

uh so i accedentlay soft locked myself and i got stuck because i skipped the place where there is the multiple platform thingy at the begiing and went up and got the 4th heart but I had to go back I'm at the boss place again but I cant get up how do I get back now

I was looking for a good platform and I found this metroidvania wonderful. all very well put together, congratulations

*****(@m@) Random User

5 Stars, good burgers and I like the hot sauce they use, also good trial before hand, like how they give you better burgers for exploring and "hardcore" mode was very enjoyable, would recommend.

A short but fun little game! Really enjoyed the burger! 

This was a super fun little Metroidvania. Thanks for sharing!

Very cool!

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This game is fuckin' awesome.

Basically, this demo is just 1 level and it's fun as hell.
Perfect control, great playability, everything I love in a game.

Are you guys planning on expanding it into a full game?

You've already done the hardest part - working out the game
engine, control, music, sound f/x, characters and everything
else, it seems all you need to do now is create more levels.
I think it would sell for sure!

Hope you know what a gem you have here! 8)

P.S. - I play on Linux and it works fine under WINE with
wireless bluetooth controller but a specific Linux build
would rock.

Very cool game! Nice work!

Very cool game! Nice work!


I wish I could make games as cool as this, great job

Really fun bite-sized game. Beat it in 4:29.


great level design

- Sid Meier


pretty cool game, i liked it ;)

really cool game !! I have fun playing it and overall experience !! ;) cheers


For such a short 2D metroidvania game, the developers really knew how to pack in a nice difficulty curve, platforming, and surprisingly non-standard tech into this game!

CaveBuster might seem like your standard metroidvania (shoot, platform, gain upgrades), but it's beauty lies in the fact that it's both well-crafted, punishing, and employs the use of something that has always been a form of cheese for me: damage boosting. The controls feel really well put together, and the graphics are very reminiscent of something you'd find on a handheld console. While the ability to use your laser and double jump is received later in the game, the developers made sure that each section felt like the progression was required and didn't fall into the issue of upgrades being useless. I know I've mentioned this before, but the fact that there are sections in the game that require damage boosting to progress is amazing; damage boosting is typically reserved in platformers as a means of cheesing through areas by either using i-frames to bypass enemies or to gain extra height in unintended ways, so the fact that this game has that as an actual tech that's required to progress speaks volumes of the developer's knowledge on these types of games.

All in all, this is a by-the-book, short metroidvania game that ticks all the right boxes and gives veterans of the genre a nice smile and nod. Runtime is about 10 minutes, so I'd highly recommend checking this out :)

My playthrough:


Thanks for the thoughtful review and playthrough! Glad you recognized some of the subtleties in the gameplay as well :D

hm, there is an area with 3 mushrooms and a shootable border block on the top left, but shot it and jumped up but no level transition, so is this unfinished? :-/

nevermind, I should have moved left there.

You can jump up to the left with rocket boots and go even higher into void.

I don't think it's possible to get back there after you have collected the rocket boots because there's no control that lets you drop down through semisolid platforms. The room I'm talking about is the one below the 3rd screenshot.

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section show in third screen shot is impossible, height difference between center and highest block always just outside of what can be jumped before getting on middle block. (on win10, chrome)

Edit: finally found how to get trough it, but the timing is extremely sensitive.

very nice !

yo awesome burger game

is there a double jump?  

yep! Hold space to use your rocket boots! 

Not sure, I went back and tried but holding did not seem to do anything.  

did you get the rocket boots? 

where are those

Further in the game

Cleared! Really nice game! The controls feel smooth and the graphics are charming. Well done!

Loved the atmosphere, sound and game play balance. I completed the first boss, a floating heart appeared above a platform that also appeared, but now I'm stuck. I can't get out of this room. What am I missing?

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Ah, press "X" or "J" to shoot. Should have made it more clear you now have a new button press. The left wall is breakable

Loved this! Really solid controls, charming art style and great audio!

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