explore an autumn park and play minigames. make friends and enter the barn.

controls: wasd / arrow keys, space/enter/z

programming, art, design - jon topielski

music, sfx - mellorine

~download build recommended for performance reasons and controller support


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(179 total ratings)
AuthorsJon Topielski, mellorine
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Animals, autumn, Cute, Pixel Art, pseudo-3d, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


FeatherPark.zip 29 MB


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I love the cozy vibe of the game!

great art, great mood.   Scarecrow was the most fun.

Thank you for this game ! very cool to play

Amazing! i need moreee

(1 edit)

art is so cool! nice game

maybe its coz im super tender but I cried at the end scene :'D cute cozy quick game

absolutely loved the game! so cozy and cute!

Super cute game. I really enjoyed it. I did get stuck once. I walked left from the main barn area and somehow got stuck in the trees above the path and couldn't get out. I had to reset.

Very lovely picture, I like it very much

Such a cute game.  I really liked it.  Well done :)  Love the bird animations !

I always respect art that transcends the boundaries like genre. Warioware and a bullet hell and Stardew? Impeccable.

love the artstyle

So cool game! Really like it!

very cool!

theeeeee tigrrrrrrrr sqad!!



-Made a Video (00:06 / 1st Game).

"Adorable little game! Really liked the style of it, reminds me of a game called A Short Hike."

It actually bothers me a little how much it reminds A Short Hike without a single mention to the game, but it's cute.


I loved it! It's so cute

I love this so much!!!

Amei o jogo! Parabéns! Simples, lindo, interessante e muito fofo.

Thank you so much for the great game. Love it very much :)

well done, I really liked it

such a cute little game. lovely

hahah :)

Beutifle game. Sad that i did it in one sitting.

are you sprite stacking to get the 2.5d effect? Looks awesome. 

Yes it's using sprite stacking

Great game

That was really cute, well done:)

I love the vibe and music

This game was so....ADORABLE..🥹




this was so fun!


this was nice :)

add mobile controls 


very cute game, love it

Nice, we need more of this

I don't know speak or write in english, but I have to tell u, it was so cute, and calm, relaxing, I loved this game, it was nice! Good job ^^

thank you very much

nice game :)

This game will mellow you down to the bone. Great Game.


This game makes me feel safe.

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