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Still good to this day. I only ever beat the final boss by getting a perfect stop lol.

Love the concept, art, sounds, execution, humor... everything!


Very good game.

This was such a good game!, I loved playing it

sussy good


i'm not programmer and could beat it! i liked it a lot! The final boss was terrifying, and the music made me felt very much into the game! It was great. wondering if that aunt was worth picking up the phone....

I liked this!

ok but what about a compo mode that is really frickin hard and rest is replaced with crunch time.


great game. I love the final boss and how challenging but oh so rewarding it is to defeat it. Thank you for making this <3<3<3



Don't know if it's the game or my keyboard, but when I compile, there's a input problem,  I have to spam the 1 button early to even get it to hit

Oh interesting, can you elaborate on the issue a bit more? Does pressing 1 register late? Or do you need to press it more than one time in order for it to register? Also, does this happen on the dialogue selection as well or just in compile?

I have to press multiple times for to register, but it works fine in the dialogue selection

I'll have to look into how I'm handling checking for 1 during that compile scene. It could be a web-specific build issue.

If you or anyone else experiences this going forward, I would suggest downloading the game and trying it there instead. Hopefully it doesn't appear in the downloaded build.


guess you couldn't win the game you were making jon


I love this! The bug designs are so appealing :)


Made a video


thank you very much this is amazing!


It was a pleasure to play