Puzzle Sigma: Post Jam Build Released!

The post jam build of Puzzle Sigma is now available! Play it here.


  • New puzzles!
  • New mechanic: the stationary block
  • Hint system added
  • Fixed arithmetic (2+2+2 equals 6, not 8)
  • General polish and a few new assets/sounds added
  • Controller support in download build

I haven't mentioned anything about this yet, but we were very fortunate to get featured in the GMTK best-of video. I'm incredibly proud of the work we did and the team really came together to create something special. We're still discussing what we'd like to do with the game, but if the response continues to be positive we may continue working on it!



game by beardy (music+sfx), thoof (art), and jon (design+programming)

special thanks to stDymas, Illumi, and Tronik for playtesting

Get Puzzle Sigma


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you still working on this? I would love to see at least a small bit of division in this game if you are