Play as mathematical operators and build equations to solve puzzles.

By Jon Topielski (Programming), Thoof (Art) and Beardy (Music, SFX)

Made for GMTK Game Jam 2021.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
AuthorsJon Topielski, Thoof, beardy
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Math, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Download 25 MB
PuzzleSigmaMac.dmg 41 MB
Download 25 MB
Download 24 MB

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why do they look like that

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Very fun concept but a little too easy. Its incredible for a jam game though.

If you ever plan to revisit the game or its concept in the future, it would be cool if you could add more ways to count such as division, exponents, square roots, etc.

Also a level where you need to manage multiple playable characters would be fun.

And a menu, its annoying not being able to store your progress anywhere.

Also what happened to the multiplication symbol at the end? There were only minus and plus symbols left...did multiplication die?

The lore should definitely be expanded if you make any kind of sequel.


we need more, please

Beat the game! Very fulfilling!


Level 12 is quite hard. Can someone help me

- - = +

This level tooks me a lot of time to some too

i really love this game
i am also trying to make a sokoban like game in godot and would like to know how you did it

hey thanks! i used a tilemap as the "source of truth" for all the blocks and for all input, i updated the tilemap. for example, if the player presses left, you check the tilemap to see if the player tile can move left or not.

the game was completely playable with placeholders until very close to the end and looked something like this:

what you see in the final product is just a "dumb" UI layer on top of the placeholders and i use tweening to move the tile positions from the current one to the next one.

(1 edit)

thanks alot
almost no one has made a guide to making a sokoban game in godot without it using real collisions instead of checking so this is very nice

also how did you tackle undo and reset?

you need to be able to encapsulate any given board state in some kind of data structure, like a 2d array. then, whenever the player moves, update the board state and maintain an array of the past board states. if the player presses undo, simply revert back to the last state. similarly for reset, go back to the first board state.

so do i need to make the array by hand or make some system that automatically makes the array?

for example, you can have an array of objects where each object looks like { coordinates: (0, 4), tile_id: 2 }. whenever a change happens on the board, you can create a new entry (a new array) and capture all the active objects on the board. if you ever undo, you need to grab the previous array of active objects and be able to interpret it and update the board.

Show post...

Thanks a lot! This is really helpful and I havent really seen anyone else give such a good tutorial on this with actual collision

I finally beat this. I seriously love your games so much, from the funny NPCs to the strategy games.


thanks!! you tried so many and it means a lot that you kept coming back :D

It's beautiful! Honestly I'm a math nerd who draws numbers as living creatures in math equations as a way to remember them and hand them on my wall, this is an inspirment

great game but the mathematical operators look. kinda terrifying

it's probably the shocked facial expressions/mouths


very unique mechanics :> nice


level 10 is impossible.


not even


its possible


how did you make a math game thats actually fun i call hax

Yeah lol

Nice game! I especially like the concept of locking certain numbers behind the locks, making you have to open that, then grab the number to make the proper equation. This could do really good as a full game


Awesome game! I really appreciate that the few "gentle nudge" hints I used were in the form of questions. Definitely got me on the right track while staying as vague as possible. The actual puzzles were really good as well and did a great job of leading me to discover all of the ways each element could interact without directly telling.

Great mechanic! I especially like how the puzzles combine math with geometry. You definitely had me with level 12, but the hints were pretty useful. The last couple of levels are quite tricky, but I did managed to beat the game.

Really cool… just added to my collection! Would you like to join Creactivity #1?

Really good concept and fun little game!

Really cool concept ! Really well executed !
Good game.

Cool, I played back during the jam voting and for me the levels got frustrating complex quickly, the pacing was more manageable now I thought! when are you going to add derivatives? =)

Just AWESOME! Keep it up!

very clever game...super creative the last 3 lvls killed me though lol


Puzzle Sigma (Full Game)


omg this game was infuriating for me as a dyslexic XD But this video is so awesome! first one I have had edited for me which is wild, one of my favorite videos by far! 

Was fun to watch you two play to the end! Had some good chuckles. Btw, you played the harder version before the order of operations was fixed so extra props!



Fantastic game, perhaps the concept couldn't be taken too far without becoming tedious, but as a short game it's excellent. Still, I'm sure someone more mathematically inclined than me would love to solve some complex puzzles in this. Excellent and satisfying sound effects, too. 


Go Godot <3

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Very good game, even for me who hates maths, but "Z" doesn't do anything on AZERTY keyboards.

EDIT: Nevermind, it just doesn't do what I thought it would, but it works.


Add division

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)

Inconsistent rules for how blocks move through structures (I solved the lockless one by rotating through a wall where before and after that had not been possible) and an unintelligible method of arithmetic.

The music was repetitive. 

The art style was wonderful and funny, properly cartoonish.

I would recommend a more descriptive and clear tutorial, if not a reworking of your parenthetical use. Every time I see 1+2-3 in a simple math game, I want to say ((1+2)-3)=0, not (1+2)+(2-3)=2. 

say, further in the future, it becomes possible to have a string of numbers with random values as long as 4 signs long. 

A+B+C+D+E (4 +'s).

It is natural for the human brain to associate the methodology with left-to-right bracketing, two at a time.


Please come away with thIS knowing it comes from an amateur critic and a mathematically inclined mind. Best of luck with your future endeavors. 

I may have missed something, and correct me if I am wrong, but to me it seems like you used two examples where parentheses are unnecessary.

I do agree that the music is somewhat repetitive, although I have never really encountered a jam game where the music isnt repetitive in a similar way. Reviewing non-repetitive music as a positive seems more reasonable than reviewing repetitive music as a negative seems more reasonable for me.

I would be pleased if you were to name a game jam game with non-repetitive music.

Please come away with thIS knowing it comes from an amateur critic and a mathematically incompetent mind. Best of luck with your future endeavors. 

Solid game. I suspect the "intended solution" wasn't always the one I found, given that I passed several levels without unlocking all the locks.

Congrats on making top 20 in the GMTK Jam! I wanted to reach out to ask if anyone on the dev team would be interested in participating in an interview about your experience during the jam? Interviews are conducted over Discord and presented live on Twitch.

Messaged on Discord.

Really clever game. Had some nice brain teasers.

Really great idea! Too bad I am stumbling just now over it.


thank you made me relize how much of a dumbass i am

This game is super fun. Cool concept, and I love math so that's a real bonus.

Wow. Really good game.

Great Concept. Loved it.

Really unique. Starts easy but slowly introduces more complex concepts. Well done.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.


(1 edit) (+2)

Great game! It took me a while to figure out all the puzzles on my own, especially the last one where I took an hour of my time writing down equations, overcomplicating things. Haha!

Nice art, good music, very interesting puzzle mechanics. I enjoyed playing and recording it :)

I can see how the puzzles can get even crazier, if you decide to make more levels. Good stuff, dev!

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!


Wow a whole page of equations! Well your efforts were worth it - loved the video and glad you managed to beat all the levels.

The game is very beautiful, 

beautiful and a unique idea,

 only one thing: but if I want to quit the game which button should I press?

 because if i press x in windows it doesn't save my progress, thanks

There is no save feature at this time

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