Survive 10 nights, each painstakingly harder as you get to pick a curse for yourself!

21 unique game-wrecking curse cards, extra palettes, and 4 difficulty modes to choose from~


WASD/arrow keys - move
Mouse - aim
LMB - use flashlight

Made in 72h by Jon Topielski (programming), Prifurin (art) and Bruncket (audio). OST.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(230 total ratings)
AuthorsJon Topielski, bruncket, Prifurin
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withGodot
Tags1-bit, Arcade, Ludum Dare 49, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike, Spooky, Top-Down, Twin Stick Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare


Download 19 MB
TheLesserEvil_Mac.dmg 35 MB
Download 20 MB


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Great game!

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fist play through, by the boss i didn't have my cursor, OR LIGHT BEAM, i was completely blind, beat it with only deaths though!

the game constantly glitches and  makes you stuck in a corner unable to move, I can't beat the boss because of this, otherwise, amazing game!

Very fun game!

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One thing I didn't like was the random palette modifier, I thought it'd be a harmless one but some of the color choices actually caused me physical pain IRL. It also seems like it'd cause issues for colorblind players.

Aside from that, it's a very interesting game concept, inverting the formula of picking random upgrades into random downgrades instead.

Insanly cool!

What game engine does it use?



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This is fun. I just didn’t like the cursor, I know it is supposed to be hard, but the cursor is just too much.

Edit: I meant the cursor to be invisible at some point.

This is actually a pretty fun game. I dig it.

great game and great concept also thank you for the no hit game mode..i 100% did not beat this game on that game mode and only recorded the final boss because i forgot to press record on obs and you can't even see anything because i got a certain curse that made the game nearly unplayable because i was unlucky with the color palette it gave me...wait a minute- 

Pretty nice concept! You make yourself weaker each time. You make your life harder by yourself! I just play it once



Fantastic! It's deceptively in-depth. I like how you have to think about how each curse interacts with each other, and how what would usually be the best choice becomes the greater evil when you think about your other curses. For example, when you pick the 'die at zero battery' curse, it's not that bad if you're careful, right? But if the next choice is between 'lose battery 15% faster' and 'lose 2 lives per death', it puts you in a hard spot.

Amazing game! Was this for a game jam

It appears not to be.

this is a game and it's good



beautiful game and even more painful mechanics <3


issue where character gets stuck moving over direction with no input


there is a card that does that

nice game and i love the musi


super super dope upgrade choices were very meaningful and the game had me right on the edge of my seat towards the end 


this game is sick as hell

in the final levels i was getting crazy with the colors changing and the dots in the screen XD

bro this is such a cool game




Really fun and easy to learn, gets crazy fast

This is such a stylish game! I was looking for 1 bit inspirations and this game is really a gem.

A quick question: How did you get the "3d" effect for some of the enemies? i.e the cylinders whose glasses rotate around them or the 'cake' enemies (they look like stacks of cylinders) that rotate. Did you do some kind of sprite stacking? Or are these true 3D models?


Hi thank you :) Everything uses stacked sprites except for the player character.

 I really enjoyed Six Cards Under btw, it’s very well done!

Thanks a ton for the response, that makes sense! Also thanks for the kind words haha, glad you enjoyed it!

Very Nice Game!

Took longer than it should have but I beat it on Insane Evil!

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oh this was fun

time stop and drift were very easy curses to deal with (used to lag and sticky keys), but then i picked 'random pallet chosen every night' for round 8 and it chose a bright cyan and neon green that blended very well together and made it very hard to see! very fun game! i enjoyed it very much

This is a great concept and well executed.

At one point it randomly decided to add a curse to me mid-level? I suddenly fell to the bottom of the screen every life and couldn't move upwards, only side to side. On one life it made me move to the bottom right corner and get stuck. Once I died again it just made me go to the bottom again, not the right. Is this a glitch or a randomly chosen curse once below 10 lives?

That happened to me too, it happens when your cursor goes out of the game screen, locking whatever keys were pressed down, the fix is to just press whichever way it was going,or click for the mouse


I loved it! Really challenging, but in a fun way! Amazing game, 11/10!

Game: One of your keys is held down

Me who's been playing with drifty joy-cons for years now:

Amazing game

I was so confused. I thought that the curses will help me, like game-breaking upgrades that will make me invincble or something. Instead this game got harder and harder dude! I loved it!


Great Game, love the art style. Great mix of fun and challenging 10/10

we well finish done that game?


Loved the idea, the gameplay is fun and the simple art style is really cute, great job !

Feels a little easy, but really cool aesthetic.

Nice, really nice. Original concept, plays super fluently. Really cool! Finished on first try on normal, with 8 deaths.

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