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beat it on a trackpad. I am the gamer god.

do you think you could add a way to change the resoluction kinda hard to see on my screen

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There is a fullscreen button on the bottom right or you can download the game and adjust the resolution directly

Super cool game! Fun mechanic and cool style! well done.

I love it! Is really fun even when everything is against you. The fact that there are such horrible pallets like the one light pink and light green one is just funny. 

I love it


Invisible light is literally an upgrade haha, you can see enemies and their bullets better. Good game


The concept is really cool! There's a lot of fun cards, and the aesthetic is minimalist but sweet. I enjoyed it a lot!


Really fun concept and great execution!  The curses are fun and getting a choice gives a nice balance of strategy, skill, and luck.  Nice "1-bit" visuals too.  It's amazing that you put this all together in just 72 hours!

very great game!


feels like damocles gaze

That game was a huge source of inspiration for this


I see

The curse that makes each death count double probably shouldn't happen on insane evil mode. It might be interesting to add a mode where you always get both curses, though some of them are really bad when taken together. Like dying when your light runs out and not being able to see how much is left.

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in 8 night dont let me choose a curse

One of the curses takes away the curse choice so you only get 1

i know but i dont choose that curse

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On night 8 the screen went blank and the curses did not appear and I had to restart the game. PS: I am using google translate now

Does the issue happen everytime?

no, it only happened once

It is a very cool and creative game, However, (IDK if this happened on other versions) When I selected random colour palette per round, there were some palletes that were literally impossible, with any contrast at all. Just imgagine getting into the last part of the game and lose the 10 lives you have been keeping over the first level and can't beat the game only because you aren't able to see anything. Please fix it.

really cool game! curses were very creative (especially the one with random palettes, first got some nice palette and then got like pink on green), feels like reverse roguelike where you have to prevent synergies.


Really cool game beat it on More Evil 1st run with 9 deaths and 2nd run was 0 death Insane run. Would love to see  more


cool game reminds me of satryn tho


This game is so great! I love the amount of polish that was added, especially for just 72 hours!

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Super cool! Thanks for making this :)



If you use a flashlight after winning the boss fight but before ending screen, then the sound of the flashlight starts to play on the loop. Even if you go to the menu. It stops when you start a game again.


Thank you reporting, it will be in the next patch


Amazing game. Love the gameplay and card mechanics. 

Thanks for checking it out! I enjoyed your playthrough


Very fun idea, but my eyes hurt really bad after getting a bad colour pallette 8)


nice game. took me 3 deaths to beat normal mode.
some of these curses regarding the colors were actually a blessing! :-)


hey. very very impressive game. great challenge. 

muito bem polido

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   Invisible cursor doesn't work properly (it creates a black (only black) square at the cursor (and it isn't even in the middle)), and it also persists in between runs.

 (I don't know if this is supposed to happen, but I'm reporting it anyways) - Also in the highest difficulty the enemies with blades on the sides happen to dash INCREDIBLY MORE OFTEN. I'm talking about a dash in under 1 second.

(I use a Win 7 btw)

Hi thanks for letting me know - I think I fixed the cursor issue. As for the blade spinners, I believe their dash time is normal but at the highest difficulty they just spawn very quickly.


welp, good that I helped!


Took me a couple of tries but yet i did it :)

Wow congrats!! First one I've seen yet.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT mainly because I love 1-bit style games, great job!!


The longer you play the weaker the character gets, but also the better you play at the game. Super interesting! I also liked how charming the art is despite it's limitations.


Suprisingly fun! Game is simple, gameplay is unique, and the variety of difficulty is cool!

u cant bet boss when have biger hit box


Should be fixed now!