Welcome to your new job as a Telemarketer!

Please review the employee guidelines below.

  • S.ell stuff nobody wants!
  • C.all people you don’t know!
  • U.rge them to buy!
  • M.ake the sale!

Design & Programming : Jon Topielski (twitter)

Music & SFX : Mafgar (twitter)

Art : Thoof (twitter)

Special Guest (Audio) : Joseph Bourgeois (twitter)



WindowsThisCallMayBeRecorded.zip 19 MB
MacThisCallMayBeRecorded.dmg 23 MB
LinuxThisCallMayBeRecorded.zip 21 MB


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That was really fun. Pretty hard, but very interesting idea!

Ima say grannys level was hard


Undertale for adults


why does it say 'undefined is not an object (evaluating 'GLctx.getParameter')'????


i knew my undertale days would come in handy


lmao ikr? these callers are nothing compared to undyne


I don't know how Fenton managed to answer the phone, but I had a good time anyway. I like how your character gradually gets more tired.


Great game. Really liked the gameplay and was pretty funny and challenging. I'm also gay if that matters.


screw you lucy!!! great game


earthbound meets undertale meets annoying scam callers. 10/10


fun experience

That was actually fun and funny!


Aww!! I just wanted to talk to that poor lovely lonely old lady forever though! <3


Great game, "I am going to blog about you" remembered me when I was at telemarketing, every call clients said that would write a post at Facebook(or something like that) against the company and me ;) I miss that hate so much hahaha 

haha, nice game!

Deleted post

A really nice game! short and fun!

A new update just released on June 18 which added keyboard support! Woohoo! I want more levels though :(


We need more levels!

Nice game but it's almost impossible to play it with the mouse. It would be really nice if you added keyboard controls :D


The last level is so sweet haha.

(1 edit) (+1)(-3)

good style. inspired by earthbound and undertale but please add keyboard support! The mouse is not accurate enough to press the attack button! Please!

also add more levels

This is a great little game with good dialog but would have been more intuitive with keyboard control :)

Really cool little game. I would add keyboard controls :-)

cool music, cool art, cool game design. you should put this on newgrounds!

loved it! awesome aesthetic and gameplay!

Loved this!

fun little game but kinda short

Love the design and sardonic vibes.

okay so played the game and i really like it ^^

love it

aslo love the windows 95/98 vibe

(1 edit)

for me it just says: "Unable to get property 'getParameter' of undefined or null reference"

Are you using Edge or Safari browser? It might not be playable in those browsers. The download should work though.

oh thanks. Yea edge is allways broken. im going to download the game :D


It was a fun little experience. Very enjoyable!

Loved it, especially the music!

(1 edit) (+2)

Great fun, in a soul crushing sympathetic way. The challenge of using your mouse was unexpected, but fun to try and overcome!

5 out of 5!


Very cute little game. It may just be my monitor, but it felt quite delayed trying to time the slider part, and trying to click on the buttons to defend felt awkward. I would have liked to just use arrow keys or wasd. I loved the art, music, Earthbound-style, and concept though. Very cute and original game


Great game concept! I really enjoyed the Earthbound/Undertale vibes it gave me. With Undertale in mind, if you continue working on this game, I would love to see different endings (neutral, pacifist, and genocide) where if you didn't go neutral would lead to more of a certain type of contacts than others. Otherwise, it was a short and sweet game!


i had so much fun with this.


Really enjoyed watching! Seeing you learning to nail the timings was satisfying. Thanks for playing and I'm glad you had fun.

Thank you for making it, I look forward to seeing your futre projects. Thank you for enjoying my video :)


Aww the grandma is so cute XD though her last part kinda scared me.. Good job! keep making games!


I really wish there was a sans like battle with the grandma, that would be epic.

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