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very fun


Oh gracious, I was a telemarketer for less than a week way back when and I could FEEL my soul leave my body as I played this. X'D Great game!


spamton simulator



love this game


COOL game....yeah


really fun game and i loved the mechanics

Had a lot of fun going through this one! This game is at 6:19 of the video.


Funny game. I liked it.


Great game!

i beat granny!


nice game keep up the good work

i thought the gramma was the easiest one to give a comeback, i guess i was wrong. i really liked it


Good game! I really liked it!

Never thought I'd be bested by a bored Grandma......Great Game keep it up friend!

Can you beat granny or is that in intentionally impossible level?

you can actually, it's really just hard, so no, it's not impossible. You just need to chip-in damage or just try to hit it on the right time. Then after that, you are basically done. so technically, its the ending

I mean does her attack after she says she wont hang up ever end? or is that just the ending?

sorry for being 3 days late. after she says "'ll never hang up" you will need to wait a few seconds. it doesn't matter if you miss or not, after the "call" its basically the end. 


Really loved playing this, game had a really good vibe Honestly

i'm really digging this aesthetic and gameplay! much love to the music too ^^

i beat granny's lvl

also great game

That was really fun. Pretty hard, but very interesting idea!

Ima say grannys level was hard

i just spamed all the buttons


Undertale for adults


why does it say 'undefined is not an object (evaluating 'GLctx.getParameter')'????


i knew my undertale days would come in handy


lmao ikr? these callers are nothing compared to undyne


I don't know how Fenton managed to answer the phone, but I had a good time anyway. I like how your character gradually gets more tired.


Great game. Really liked the gameplay and was pretty funny and challenging. I'm also gay if that matters.


screw you lucy!!! great game


earthbound meets undertale meets annoying scam callers. 10/10


fun experience

That was actually fun and funny!


Aww!! I just wanted to talk to that poor lovely lonely old lady forever though! <3


Great game, "I am going to blog about you" remembered me when I was at telemarketing, every call clients said that would write a post at Facebook(or something like that) against the company and me ;) I miss that hate so much hahaha 

haha, nice game!

Deleted post

A really nice game! short and fun!

A new update just released on June 18 which added keyboard support! Woohoo! I want more levels though :(


We need more levels!

Nice game but it's almost impossible to play it with the mouse. It would be really nice if you added keyboard controls :D


The last level is so sweet haha.

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good style. inspired by earthbound and undertale but please add keyboard support! The mouse is not accurate enough to press the attack button! Please!

also add more levels

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