brace yourself for some silly legs~

controls: wasd/arrow keys and space

jon topielski - art, programming, design

alphons6 - additional art

mafgar - sfx

made in 72h for ludum dare 51~

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
AuthorsJon Topielski, Alpha6
GenreSports, Action
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Godot, Low-poly, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 51, Pixel Art, Short, Tennis
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Download 21 MB


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love it, derpy and thwacky

Great Game had fun on it hope we could also play different characters

It seems so silly (and super cute!) at first, but then there's actually quite some depth in how it works, and it feels so great to play as well. Scoring a point against the tougher guys is quite satisfying. Very well done!!!

Remarkably well done. Great fun! :)

feels amazing

That last enemy was very exiting!


absolutely delightful

My new fav game


this is the tennis game ever



Yup. This is fuuuuuun!

pretty good game bra :p

Esse é um dos MELHORES jogos que ja joguei em todo !! uma pergunta, vai lançar na steam ou algo assim? se sim ficarei feliz em comprar :)


I absolutely love this game, really enjoyed the simplicity :) 


can you please make it 2 player and with people

hey this game looks awesome!! but i cant play it as i run linux, can you please release a linux build please??

Very excellent and exciting game!!
I really love the artwork too!!

Best Tennis game I've played in a long time. Reminds me of classic Mario Smash Tennis.

Excellent tennis simulator.

Excellent game and really good fun.  Well done!

simple and wonderful game

Aint that a cute and fun game?! Nice job!!!

Lovely little game! Well done! 

best game!

finally! I beat the last guy with no shots against me!

Really fun, I love the legs haha

10/10 tho the last one is a PEACE OF SH-

this game is very addictive and so cool i like the characters, i would like more characters to choose


For Real, this was probably one of the best Tennis Game experiences I think I've ever had, the physics are so quirky, but polished at the same time 10/10 bro! Keep it up, this was amazing!

hey i feel that quirky/polished feeling that you're talking about, have you tried TENNNES by Jan Willem Nijman? definitely one of my favorite game experiences.

I suck at this game but that doesn’t make it less fun. Great physics, love the rotating field too.

very fun!

great game, but there seems to be a bug where if the ball bounces on the opponent's side, goes out, and they hit it entirely out of bounds on your side, the game gives the ai the point.

The game was fun. Had a very arcadey feeling to it and I really like the popping sounds of the feet. 

Funky but fun, I enjoyed playing it.

This was neat!


really cool game and wonderful idea. would be cool to expand on, maybe have an online mode or story mode. awesome game man, you always make good stuff

fun lil game


This is a pretty accurate representation of how I play tennis in real life.

I love the silly clumsy style of the characters and the sound design fits perfectly.

While it is a super fun game I can definitely see myself coming back to when I have a few minutes of spare time, unfortunately I don't think it really fits the theme of the jam as it doesn't really affect game play, the speeding up at times was barely noticeable and feels like it could be removed and nothing would change.


THANKS ! I hate it !


I hate you

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