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Got the full version and unlocked my sailor's cap!

is this somehow possible to have a mobile version?

How should I feel if I keep tying with the duck guy...




Just released my video of me playing Thwack.

Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


Great Work Guys


Thank you !! Fun stream

Hilarious fun!

This is fun, it's goofy, but fun. 

this is actually fun i like it very much


Entertaining concept; although I will not be purchasing the full version in the foreseeable future, I really like the style and sound design you've created. Despite being placed in an empty void, it feels touched with life. Good player feedback, straightforward without any dialog.

Nice job, I wish you the best in your developer future :)


I love this game even though I'm to bad, hehe. Really enjoyed it!

very nice to play


If you hit the ball just before it passes over the net, it will count as your point the moment it touches the ground


which version does this work on? I can't seem to recreate it, can you get a video?

After first point

it even works if the ball lands outside the court

fascinating, thanks

I think this is only a problem in the jam version because in the full version it's extremely difficult to time this shot and the opponent can serve in any direction, making it a suboptimal strategy too


very nice. I really liked how the legs move


It's interesting, but too hard to win TAT


in the full verion are a lot of bugs


sorry to hear that, what bugs have you been experiencing? 

For example, if I go outside the field to the dark blue zone and there is a new turn, I stay outside and there is an invisible barrier that does not let me enter the light blue field to play.

I have tried again 5 times and it only happened 1

I love the character animation and camera rotation while moving. Fun to play. Nice work my friend : )


Really interesting, fun to play! 10/10




"Thwack" "Thwack" "Thwack"!





Minor bug, if you hit or your opponent hit the ball too far outside, it won't count as an out. I theorize that there is a hitbox that detects when a ball is out, but the hitbox is small, so if you hit the ball far enough, it won't touch the hitbox. If this is the case then it can be fixed by extending the hitbox.

Nice! Love the random shouting crowd in the background! :D

They call me Carlos Alcaraz in these parts

I love it so much!

I'm addicted to this game ;-;

This is great! Really fun eh :)


Soooooo cute I love the silly legs. Also why does the enemy serves in the middle?


I love the random "you can do it!" guy


This game is awesome! I love the asthetic but the lines were making it a bit hard for me to get into.

I did some stuff and I gotta say…


Wow, this game is cool

this is legitimately fun and polished

10/10 would play during bathroom breaks

wow super cool 😎 


Absolute 10/10, when i say that indie games are more fun and creative than 90% of AAA Games i'm talking about games like this!

I totally agree it’s awesome

cool game

nice addictive gameplay !

cute pixel art, love it!

the cool thing is that its not pixelart but 3d with a pixelart shader over it :]

super fun, green one is kinda hot

I love your game. It's so cute the leg's movement and how the screen rotate all time. Congratulations it's so original! :D

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