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How do you change which way you swing the damn racket? It only swings one way, which is absurd

I BEAT ALL 3 OF THEM, great game though

Very satisfying controll. It is not clear what the strip is for from below

so satisfying

Amazingly cute and fun little game. 5 Stars


Absolutely cracked omg


neat game for a lunch break at work; good job


Don't get this


*don't listen to this 9yr old and GET THIS AMAZING GAME*




very good game design n programming loved it




when I knew that I cant choose the duck as the character I play as I got depressed ;-;

jokes aside amazing game

:,( So true


my grandma played this and she said she loves it.


Pretty and fun


Oh that’s funny 😊


This game is really fun and addicting!


hhehehehe, this is great!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

my favo web game of the year


Really funny!


I love it


love it, derpy and thwacky


Great Game had fun on it hope we could also play different characters


It seems so silly (and super cute!) at first, but then there's actually quite some depth in how it works, and it feels so great to play as well. Scoring a point against the tougher guys is quite satisfying. Very well done!!!

Remarkably well done. Great fun! :)

feels amazing

That last enemy was very exiting!


absolutely delightful

My new fav game


this is the tennis game ever



Yup. This is fuuuuuun!

pretty good game bra :p

Esse é um dos MELHORES jogos que ja joguei em todo !! uma pergunta, vai lançar na steam ou algo assim? se sim ficarei feliz em comprar :)


I absolutely love this game, really enjoyed the simplicity :) 


can you please make it 2 player and with people

hey this game looks awesome!! but i cant play it as i run linux, can you please release a linux build please??

Very excellent and exciting game!!
I really love the artwork too!!

Best Tennis game I've played in a long time. Reminds me of classic Mario Smash Tennis.

Excellent tennis simulator.

Excellent game and really good fun.  Well done!

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